Thursday, 19 March 2009

10 sins men comiitt when wooing women #2

Cont...//part 2

6. Please, please don’t use school boy tactics. Don’t tease her within a inch of her life or say anything that you and your mates may laugh at, just cos “Y’all got a crayzee sense of humour, maaan”. Don’t say anything that could possibly cause offence. If you do, you will get exactly nil point – and women never forget and at early stages of courtship – she’s unlikely to forgive.

7. OK, if you are married, engaged, or you state that you’re in a relationship, please don’t try it on with her, unless you’ve met through a swingers or ‘extra-curricular’ website. If you try it with a woman who has not admitted she wants a piece of attached cock, she will only think you’re a creep and disrespect you. Do yourself and her a favour and don’t even bother going there.

8. Again, unless you meet through an S&M or fetish site - please don’t start proving how liberal and open minded you are by declaring your sexual preferences or kinks. This can be left until you actually get to know each other. I want my bloke to be confident about what he likes, course I do – but coy is also very alluring. I’m way more intrigued by men who don’t tittle tattle than men who do.

9. Once you finally meet each other – for God’s sake make an effort. Turning up in your work clothes ‘cos she needs to ‘ take me as I come’ is not on. Be clean, smell good (not too much scent, now…) and please smile at her. When I first met my boy the first things I thought were, Oo he’s good looking, he’s tall, but fuck, I don’t think think he likes me, cos he didn’t bloody smile. It thru me off kilter for over half the evening which in my book is wasted time. I didn’t consider that he was shy – I just thought he was bloody miserable and initially I didn’t want to be there.

10. Now for the cardinal sin: DO. NOT. MAKE. HER. PAY. HALF.
If you do – she should never see you again as stated in the law of Gee. Women: You are making a rod for your own back if you spend time with a tight wad like this again. Don’t do it. I don’t care about that shit about ‘Being an independent woman doesn’t allow me to let a man pay for me’ – oh fuck off please. There’s nothing wrong with some fucking manners, men and if she offers – she’s only being polite, ok. Just ignore her. Let her pay for a drink if she insists – but only if she pushes.

OK – so your call… Do you want me too mouth off what I reckon men should do to capture a potential mate’s attention?
OR, you want me to lecture you on WOMEN’s sins? OR I’m taking lots for other suggestion of a similar ilk…

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