Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the lover is sexually assaulted

The lover told me something funny last night; at least I found it humourous.

On his way to my place after he'd finished work, he was standing waiting for a train on a busy platform when he caught some random guy checking him out.

He always gets this.
I've never been with another boy who gets checked out as much by men. I've notice more men staring at him than women do - unless it's just that women are more discreet about it.

Anyway, he gets onto the first busy train that pulls into the station...and the other bloke follows him into the same carriage.
Minutes later, after much uncomfortable eye shifting, the lover's admirer disembarks the train but just before doing so, he squeezed passed my boy and rubbed his hand over the lover's crotch.

I felt instantly jealous when he told me this. Silly I know.
We've agreed to have a monogomous relationship so someone else grabbing at his packet felt an intrusion.

"Did it turn you on?" I asked him?
" No. I can't say it did" He replied with a straight face.
" well how did he do it?"
" Get up I'll show you"
"Ooo, is that how he did it? It was quite firm then.."
" What was?" he asked
" well, you know, the way he fondled you."
" Don't use that word! 'fondled' it sounds so creepy."

" What did you do after 'the fondling'?" I laughed.
" As he got off the train I shouted to him to get back on and finish what he'd started" The lover smirked.