Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Men posing as Women? Pointless.

I was asked something today (on my Miss Gee facebook page) based on my writing and apparently, the 'lack of evidence pointing toward me being a woman'. Oh, and the fact that I 'Seem to have an understanding of what a man thinks when it comes to his own semen,'
I was asked, if indeed I am a man, posing as a woman?

Well, the question is somewhat dispensable but still, i must say I was aghast initialy; someone questioning my female prowess. Shocking. But I guess it's a fair question considering there are only a couple of people reading this that know me and can certify that my genitalia is certainly that of a female homosapien.

You know something? Even writing this now I'm thinking I wonder how many seeds of doubt I'm planting in your mind right now by bringing this topic to the forefront... Or maybe, just maybe, I'm doing a spot of reverse psychology - and calling your bluff!
I'm just kidding!
I'm not that kind of joker. That type of humour I don't find overly funny, so I will treat you with the decency you deserve mon cheries and remain all woman.

It's odd, that it never occurred to me until very recently that a man would pose as a woman on a social networking site. Why bother? If it's to lure unsuspecting women into a false sense of security, wowing them with pretend girlishness, only later to announce that they do in fact vaguely resemble a female - but with a cock and no tits,I'd be freaked out, not turned on by that.
The other possibility as I pointed out to my dear friend who brought my sex into question was that the only possible advantage for a man posing as a woman, is if that man is gay and he's hoping to encourage fit young bucks onto his page... But come on! If that were the case - why pretend to be a girl if he is interested in men? Pointless.

Doubting Thomas also based his judgment of my biology based on the fact that I say things as I see them, taste them, smell them, experience them, with little flowering over the grit.
What else can one do, huh?
My perception is what I share with you, be it ridiculous or life changing... OK, that's a step too far - but you now what I mean.

By the way: This is a good time to let you know that I received my ovulation tablets through the post yesterday.

Ha! There ya go Mr Non-believer! You see, I have a womb - albeit defunct - it's still a womb. Which is more than you can say, so there!