Thursday, 5 February 2009

25 snippets of inane information about me.

25 bits of inane information about me.1.

1. I have size 6 (39) feet
2. I love Curb your Enthusiasm and I love Chris Rock
3. I hate people over apologising or over thanking me for something ( although I do both myself)
4. I hate someone coughing without covering their mouth
5. I love chilly and well spiced food.
6. I love sex in a hot country.
7. I wear a big silver ring on my middle finger, right hand.
8. I’m addicted to Eye Dew eye drops which I use throughout the day .
9. I’m a good cook. At least I thought I was, before the lover started cooking for me. Now I feel that my cooking skills are a little redundant
10. My bra size is 30E. Sounds huge but at 5’10 it works well.
11. I had 50/50 fruit and cereal Dorset Muesli for breakfast this morning giving ‘unadulterated breakfast pleasure.’
12. I sleep on my back. Always. Not my side, or tummy. Nope. Just my back.
13. I smoke Lucky Strike or Marlboro Lites, roughly10-15 a day. ( sometimes more)
14. The most important thing in life is: Peace of mind.
15. I usually go to bed between 10.30/11pm. The lover is obsessive about sleep and is ritualistic (controlling) about it.
16. I hate wasting water. Running a tap for an unnecessary length of time is wasteful, vulgar, and thoughtless.
17. I love to sleep. If I don’t sleep during the day over the weekend, I feel robbed.
18. I am the first born of my mother’s 4 children and the last of my dad’s 4 kids.
19. I love to be educated by the man I am with. I greatly respect and get turned on by a bloke who is fiercely intelligent and who knows more about ‘stuff’ than I do.
20. My mobile phone is a Sony Ericsson.
21. The last three places I went on holiday - Seville, Egypt and Sri Lanka.
22. I am defensive and usually doubt people’s motives. Sad but true.
23. I brush my teeth, gums, and tongue twice in succession first thing in the morning, and once in the evening.
24. I had a fling with a film maker last year, who asked me to go to Ecuador with him while he shot some documentary about something which I had little interest in. I refused, but the problem didn’t lie there. It lay in the fact that I felt as though the last two times we’d had sex he’d been selfish and focused more on himself. I can’t tolerate that. It signals a lack of adoration, which is something I require. I give it, and I need it back. That was the beginning of the end.
25. I desperately want to do river rapids in Colorado (don’t ask)