Saturday, 14 February 2009

just another day

Saturday 14th February 2009

8:15 Was woken up by the lover who was muzzling my neck and rubbing my clit.
8:17 The lover maneuvered his way under the duvet and nestled his face where the axe man got me. Apparently he loves organic flavours, personally I prefer to have a shower first (probably a habit I can't shake off from my time as a hooker) but if that's what he likes who am I to argue?
8.30(ish) We both went back to sleep.
11:00 The lover was already up and he came back into the bedroom to say: "I love you, I love you, I love you." - so sweet. How could I be annoyed at being woken up before I was ready?
11.01 Went back to sleep.
12.30 Finally got up.
12:35 Made coffee using Taylors no.3 coffee beans and sat on the sofa while he watched football.
12.50 Went in the shower and washed my hair.
13:15 The lover went in the shower and I put one Kanye West's 'Late Registration' starting with the track 'Mama.'
13.16 Started trying to dry my hair, condition it and brush it. Quite a task.
13.26 The lover dressed and left the flat to go to a local shop to buy two Pizza Express pizzas and salad. I had pepperoni, he had something different but I've no idea what.
14:15 I wore: a bright pink sheer tong,a black lace tight vest to contain my size 30Es, over that a slate grey casual silk top from Riess, navy skinny jeans, and white leather converse. I wore my black fitted 3/4 length wool coat and a bright lilac coloured cotton/linen scarf.
14:40 More coffee and cigarettes.
15:05 I wore no make up, took no bag and put two bank cards in a back pocket of my jeans. I carried a packet of cigarettes and a lighter in my coat.
15:24 On the train heading to Canary Wharf.
15:55 Arrived at Canary Wharf.
16:35 The lover bought me a bag that I'd spotted. A complete surprise. He told me he was popping to the loo and he went back to the shop and bought it fro me. Lovely. I was shocked and thrilled.
17:10 Spotted Danny Dyer AKA fit cockney actor who gave me the eye as I checked out his packet. He's bloody sexy even with the dark circles under his eyes. Didn't stare too long though. He was with a pretty blonde thing.
18:55 Arrived at the lover's place armed with food from Waitrose. He's in the bath right now reading Esquire magazine before he cooks us dinner of blackened pork with stir fried vegetables with a chinese style sauce. I'm about to lie on the sofa to stare at the TV before we watch the film In Bruge.

All in all a thoroughly pleasant day. Lots of kisses and cuddles as usual - and the bonus of a MoonPig personalised Valentine card and a swish bag.
Who was it that said she doesn't celebrate Valentine's day? Well as you can see in our own way, I suppose we have.