Friday, 20 February 2009

an ex and a curry

I'm home.
I just got in after meeting with an ex... how can I describe him? Calling him an ex-boyfriend seems too strong a description - an 'ex-fuck-buddy' does not give what we had enough credit. OK, he was someone I had a thing with; fling, liaison, romance... (sounds old fashioned, huh?) whatever you want to call it - we once had an intense sexual thing for approximately 2 months.

He's a good friend now and he was at the time.
This evening we met at Farringdon, went to Smiths for drinks; he had beer, one pint of, I had diet coke.
Afterward we went for a curry.

Shortly before arriving at the restaurant he started pawing me and trying to suggest we re-ignite our past affair.

"I'm seeing someone" I told him.
"It's okay" he said

He left it for all of five minutes before her started again. I felt uncomfortable and instead of realising that, he persisted, defiantly, proclaiming that I would go back to him.

" No I won't"
" Yes, you will. I gave you the best sex of your life."

Isn't it funny how some men believe their own propaganda?
I'll be the judge of our sex being the best of my life - and let me tell you, although it was good. It wasn't the best - I know. I was there.