Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentines Shmalentines!

I feel reluctant to even give Valentine's day the pleasure of my finger tapping - but I think it is only right that I do not ignore a day which for many is seen as sacred.
I don't subscribe to Valentine's. To tell the truth I find it all a tad cringey. I read in a news paper about how women, allegedly, that say this actually say it to cover their ass in case they get ignored during this time of showering ones love with the attention you couldn't be bothered to give during the past year. But now the start gun has gone off we must all jump to attention and get the previous year's plastic rose from out of the top of the wardrobe and grab those crotchless knickers from your other lover's home.

God, you know what? I actually sound like one of the women that are allegedly terrified of being alone when the world is celebrating love, but I'm sure I'm not one of them. At least I'm not conscious of feeling that way.

I have to admit to you though, since the lover wanted to take me out tomorrow and I refused, instead he's taking me out tonight - for dinner. Tonight suits me better to avoid starry eyed couples holding hands across restaurant tables while casting aside the crap of their past year together,by outwardly abiding to what they see as protocol on this here day.
I'd rather sit at home eating toast than part take in such contrived shows of adoration - and all because it is dictated to us. Any other night of the year and I find it sweet but on Valentine's day? No thank you. In my opinion one should exercise the 'new going' out by staying in.
Surely there's far more fun ways indoors to express your lust, I mean, love...