Sunday, 5 June 2011

WARNING: pls read - toffee popcorn - CONNED

i feel totally disgruntled. I've been conned, mislead and taken for a ride. By who? By me. A few minutes ago I decided to get some toffee popcorn from my local shop. I rushed there excitedly knowing that this was going to be the finale to an other wise pleasant and restfull weekend. I arrived at the shop only to discover that the bastards don't have any. Instead, they have some very flashily packed ' sweet popcorn' which I've never seen before. I looked on the back cover and on the ingredients list there was no mention of toffee.

Hmm... 'Have you no toffee popcorn?' I asked the guy behind the till.

'That's all we have.' he said.

Right. I started to panic. I looked obsessively on the shelves and i still couldn't find my usual brand of popcorn so I bought this other one. I've rushed home, hoping at best it could be a poor imitation of the popcorn that i have become so devoted to, and at worst, some random sickly sweet offering that was sure to satiate my craving.
It is neither.
It's not even chuffing sweet. I'm very disappointed and feel totally duped. I've taken literally a palm full of the stuff to insert into my mouth at the same time to see if that makes it any more sweet. It doesn't. Now, my evening feels as though it will be a long and lonely one without the love I crave from my usual brand of popcorn. Things can only get better at least.