Monday, 16 May 2011

You're not special !

OK, let's break this down...

Me: 'So you definitely don't have a girlfriend?'
Him: 'I've got no one in my life.'

But I'm laying naked right next to you. So that's one person who is currently in your life. I'm not exactly a hollogram. And judging him by how he looks, he'll definitely be banging more than one woman so he definitely has people in his life.

I think there's a word missing here. I think he omitted the word 'special'.
Right. So that's how it is... I'm not special.
I'm not fucking special? Yes I am. I'm very special. Seemingly not to him, but I'm most definitely special.

'You look too deeply into things'
He says when I question him.

'You know something? I don't.
I respond. I'm just one step ahead of you - make that two since you don't even know it.

I could create a long list of my special attributes, but i'm not going to justify who I am. Instead when he calls again I'm just gonna walk on by...