Monday, 16 May 2011

Weekend Antics.

I'm back in London after having spent the weekend in Yorkshire with HD - my honourary dad. I went up there mainly to buy him a laptop and to set him up with wireless internet etc. So as I'm sure you can imagine there was a number of tense moments since neither of us really knew what we were doing when it comes to technology. Anyway, I did my good deed and proudly got him online, eventually. It took 2 days, but we got there.

So while in Yorkshire I met with a guy whom I first met 5 years ago. I had a one night stand with this guy; my first time doing that soberly. This guy lives abroad in a tax haven in the middle of no where so it was never part of the deal to try and get involved in anything more that a mutually beneficial night-long liaison.
Somehow, and against all odds the two of us have kept in contact. Only periodically, but still we've managed it. Weird innit. I think so too.

So the other day this guy randomly text me to say that he'll be in Yorkshire during the same weekend as I was. What a coincidence. This has happened before but we've never met up. Sooo, my friends, after 5 years of not seeing each other -- we met up on sunday. What an afternoon. I'm not gonna say too much about it except it was fun, funny, and exciting. We kissed and stuff and the whole experience was surreal. He's as handsome as I remember him and I hoped to God I was how he remembered me. He was the one who when we first met was wearing beer goggles, not me. I wasn't drinking at all. Well, not alcohol.

'You look exactly the same as I remember you, except you've lost weight' he told me.We talked more than I remember us talking that first night and it was nice to get to know him better other than via texts.
God, the whole thing was funny and unusual. He's a right successful bugger it seems; and down to earth, sensitive, clever, funny and I like how he dresses. He's in his late thirties, own company, 6'2ish, and solid. His cuddles were strong but not suffocating and the way he touched my er, hands as we talked, was firmly. I like that. No messing.
I've no doubt that nothing will change between us. I don't want it to. It doesn't need to. We'll keep in contact and maybe see each other and repeat the escapades of the two times that we've met, in another 5 years ...

So, onward... I've had 2 texts from the random hot guy that stopped me on the underground last wednesday. I've decided that if he doesn't suggest that we meet this week, then I'm leaving it.There's no point to it otherwise. I'm not into texting a guy whom I don't know, without an end result in sight. In this case, meeting up for coffee or lunch or whatever.

We don't have to meet this week, but he needs to suggest that we do. If he doesn't, I shall take that as a lack of enthusiasm or a fear that he will get caught by the partner that he's denied having. If he does have a girlfriend he'd be better off coming clean about it , cos i wont hesitate to tell him about himself if I meet him and THEN he tells me he's with someone.

N.i.g.g.a play your position.