Thursday, 10 February 2011

getting deleted ...

if i get deleted from facebook for a status and private message i have sent to some fucking arsehole, then so be it. I shall set up another account so please find me. I won't block or delete this person because i like to know where pricks like this are. Keep your 'enemies' close, i say.

I can stomach so much and i've been incredibly lucky with people who have shown me encouragement, decency and friendship. For this I am grateful. I have actually never had anyone except 1 person within the first 2 months of me starting my blog and facebook who has been rude to me on this level. Yep, this offender could have be ruder, but for today - I've had my fill.

Sadly, people like this give themselves away as being deeply unhappy in their own lives. No one who is okay with themselves has the inclination to try to belittle or offend someone else who is simply getting on with their life.

As i say, i shall be back again if Big Brother facebook deletes me for my torrent of abuse towards this guy.

Thank you for your very kind words of support. It really means a lot.

ViVa Facebook! and if you're not already there - find me at Clare Gee.