Friday, 4 February 2011

About Me

I am a daughter, a loyal friend, a half sister to many & step sister to a few. I'm great at making coffee and eating ice-cream - preferably at the same time. I am an ex-hooker, ex-cocaine fiend, recovering alcoholic, and still a thoroughly pleasant person who is living in London. I can be a tad paranoid at times and I've been described as neurotic, occasionally, by my closest friends. So what? Some scars take longer to heal than others...

I've survived an intense journey of pain and a compulsion to self- destruct. This started with my mother buggering off, when I was five.

Later came depression, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, sugar daddies, swanky apartments, members' bars & clubs. But what goes up... Eventually this lead to my emotional collapse, then came rehab #1, then rehab #2 and the slow and desperate effort to change my life, my friends, my behaviours, my thinking, my actions, my vices, my everything. Everything had to change.

I speak about it here:

I am a woman, a child, strong yet fragile, steardy yet flakey, I give a lot, yet withdraw into myself, i never cry at films, but will cry readily in real life. I love deeply yet i'm scared to be abandoned. Things do change - albeit slowly at times, they can change...

What now? Well, now I'm here telling you how it was for me and exactly what happened. My book which is about how I survived my shambolic life and how I managed to put a stop to it all was published MAY 6th, 2010, by MAINSTREAM PUBLISHING. See it on Amazon, Waterstones, and a number of other online bookshops as well as being availbale for download.

WARNING: Do not judge this book by its cover.