Friday, 22 October 2010

A spot of internet dating, perhaps..?

Remember the days when people thought that Internet dating was for saddos without a life? I think, unfairly, it may still has some stigma attached to it. However, people do at least try to appear more liberal when discussing it these days. I'm sure it's generally more accepted that internet dating is not actually targeted for 'life-less' people at all. It is, in fact, a sphere where busy people can 'meet.'

OK, this is the plan ... I'm going to work my bum off, get the first draft of this second book finito, then go on holiday. When I get back I think i might check out some online dating sites. Why not, eh? I don't want top meet someone via facebook who thinks of me as 'that girl who wrote that book and used to be a hooker' ... that can come later. I'd like to meet someone who will actually know my full name, address, and, er, bra size (might come in useful, if he's feeling generous) and inside ... well, inside measurements.
A friend of mine has been living with a guy for three years now whom she met on one of these sites, and recently she gave birth to their first child. Another friend is now engaged to a bloke she met through the internet. So, it can work, it seems -so why not give it a go?
I don't go to bars, clubs, line-dancing, or to cooking classes (who'd want to meet a man at one of those, anyway!?) In fact I don't go anywhere much, being the home body that I am, so this may be the way forward. She says. I don't know. To be truthful I've always been of the belief that 'men just happen.' They usually do. But a friend said to me that I shouldn't leave it to chance. Well, maybe she's right. Afterall, I'm finding myself checking out the most inappropriate of fellas who usually I wouldnt' find remotely attractive. However checking someone out via the internet somehow feels more unreal and actually, scarey.
I'm a pretty nervous person when it comes to meeting random strangers, so honestly, I'm not sure if this would be for me. And my lack of trust in people i.e men, precedes my carnal/companionship desires.
We shall see what happens...
I think I'm currently speaking from between my legs rather than considering a real way in which I coudl meet someone for a lasting relaionship. But you never know...Right now, I'm just feeling deprived of whoopy and missing Blue and therefore maybe I'm not thinking straight.

So, tomorrow I'm going to Yorkshire to see my dad and step-ma. I'm meeting them for lunch and I can't wait! It's his birthday soon. He'll be 81 ! blimey O'Reilly!
I haven't seen him for yonks, and this will be my last opportunity before they do their annual migration to north Africa for winter.