Thursday, 15 July 2010

Intuition - virtue or foe?

So – the problem with my intuition is: I believe that what I ‘sense,’ what I feel, is always right. OK, I’m not too sure from where I’ve got this idea that my intuition is always right. Perhaps it is from past experiences? Perhaps as a result of leaving home and fending for myself from my teenage years I have developed my intuition as a necessary survival tool? Who knows? And do you care? No, I don’t suppose you do. I don’t think I really care about where it stems from either.
I’ll still think I’m an intuitive master, regardless.

Usually, in fact basically always, I believe that what I am sensing in another person is their true feelings. Arrogant? Nope. I'm Just intuitive. But I am sometimes wrong, it seems. And when I realise this, I am always very surprised.

You see, the problem lies with these other people. It’s always other people, innit! Pah!
Well, a lot of the time I reckon people are not wholly honest about how they are feeling and often they attempt to cover their true feelings using words. Not maliciously necessarily, just socialisation. Habits we pick up. I’m very sure I do this myself at times.
The issue I have with this, is this: In spite of how hard one may try to obscure real REAL thoughts and feelings it it virtually impossible. It oooozes out of them without necessarily realising it.

“People reveal themselves all the time, Clare, but often we try to ignore what we don’t want to see.”
True, very true. Guilty Y'honour.

Reality has a way of making its presence known bit by bit by bit by bit ... and it’s my responsibility to listen to what I’m being told, or not told; and crucially what I am not being told often tells me more, than I am willing to aknowledge.
Often, when dealing with men in particular if I sense something is amiss, I don’t know about you, but often, I find that when I ask what the problem is – I get told, ‘Nothing’.
Errr, ‘Nothing’? So, all's good then?
The guy is sounding as though he's making excuses for stuff when I’m asking him a simple question. He appears distracted and sad - and all this is for no reason whatsoever?
Well, let me just inform you that when I ask you if there is something up, I'm not asking for drama - I'm just trying to encourage you to talk openly with me about what's going in in your head, heart, life...

I am actually asking you what it is that is making you sound sad and detached? And listen, If you’ve had sex with someone that you feel you shouldn't have or maybe you've verbally abused an old granny in Tescos, it doesn't make your non-comittal answer to "is anything bothering you?" any easier to hear.
Just tell me what's going on with you, it's so much easier.
At least this way – you can help me understand better if my intuition really is finely tuned – or if I am simply a deluded know-it-all.