Sunday, 25 July 2010

Getting the Cream.

Well, I'm feeling on top form.
Who is? Me.
Remember me? I used to write a blog here ... before suddenly falling off the face of the planet over the past few days... sorry amigos. Been busy with a boy, and writing literary masterpieces.
OK, so the first part of my previous statement is correct and the first part of the second half of it is also true, but the 'masterpieces' bit, isn't exactly accurate. But a girl's trying over here. That's all I can do and I'm very happy with my progress and current state of mind. Not just with the book, but with all things.
I'm now enjoying working on book 2. I'm friends with it again. We're enjoying each other's company; the book and me. Long may it last. Not that you care - I suspect you just want to hear about me getting it 'with cream on top'...

Right... hmmm.... OK, i feel I must be very careful about what I write about it. For a number of reasons.
I'll keep it as concise and non-committal as possible, but with enough fact so you get the general jist of what went on...

I met a guy that I've liked for a while. My flat, as you know is always a tip - so he booked us into a hotel.
I went to a very sexy hotel, crapping myself with nerves and literary shaking. He was there already. We kissed, we held each other close, we chatted. He's sweet. He was how I imagined. I'd had enough contact with him to get a feel for how he was and I wasn't wrong. We stayed together for a 24 hour lock-in where copious amounts of saucy, extended, luscious snuggles and kisses were exchanged. We giggled loads. Ate a little, slept too little and 'merged' lots. Delicious.

That's it.
I'm saying no more.
It was fun.
I've got a grip on it. I'm not losing my mind. I feel more relaxed than I did leading up to the event. You know how overly intense something can be at times when you have so much expectation and the build up turns you into a wreck? Well, now I feel calmer and I will be more able to handle whatever does or doesn't come. It's all OK... I like him and I'm sure we'll see each other again.

So, other gossip - I've heard from Blue. Nuff said.

Life's funny, innit. Yeah, it's bloody hilarious Clare!

Tra-la-la-la-laaa .....