Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Meeting a Boy & My Television Debut...

After work I'm meeting S. for a natter and no doubt a ticking off for cancelling on him last weekend. Apparently he 'understands.' Good thing, since there are not too many choices involved.
So, S. has been talking to one of his film buddies (he's in the film industry dhalings) who is taking a real interest in my book.
Unless the guy is Martin Scorsese or at least the guy that produces 'Lost in Ivory Park', I'm just not interested.
What ?? You've never heard of 'Lost in Ivory Park' the series? No, I haven't either, I've just made it up.

So, I'm happy to be meeting S. in public. He's hot and I don't want to get myself in trouble. Thankfully, he's realised that I'm 'scared' about meeting him in a secluded area, i.e his place or mine because he's pretty and we end up doing naughty things with each other. And as I've said before - kissing boys usually gets me into trouble. And I don't kiss at will in public unless I'm wildly in love.
Well, it doesn't actually require me to be wildy in love - just in love will do. So what? I'm affectionate.

.... wanna know a secret?

I'm going on the tele, I am. Yep, I'll be beaming at you from the sofa of ........ very, very soon...

Ooo, S. just texted me - he's there, ready and waiting.......... Oh, shiiiiittttt.