Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Last night & Tomorrow I'm on T.V ! arrgh!

Just a quickie .... (stop giggling at the back!) I'm about to get into the bath and do my thing before bed.
I didn't sleep at all well last night. Ahem ... why,you ask? well, err... I was with S. my ex lover whom I've known for about three years. We've never got together properly cos, well, he 'goes out' frequently and I cant be doing with that in a boyfriend. S. is in the film business dharlings and seeing a guy who has rigourous drinking sessions (and god knows what else) inbetween erratic working hours, is not for me.

Anyway, I stayed over and we snuggled lots but I find it hard to sleep in another bed unless I stay there regularly. There was no banging, OK maybe a bit of gentle rocking and lots and lots of kisses all over, know what I mean - and it was yummy. Really sweet.
He's a tender thing is S. very gentle and very hot. Showed 2 girls his photos today at work - and they were like, 'fukin' ell Clare! he's fukin' gorgeous' - Yep - So it's not just me who loves a bit of swearing, you see!
He loves snuggling and being petted and I love dishing out the petting so we're suited in that way.

Okey dokey, final thing for today my friends - tomorrow morning I am getting picked up at 07.30 and going to Television Studios 'cos I'm going on ITV's This Morning show for an 11ish slot.
Yep, I'm making my television debut! Me! it's funny!
Arrgh! I'll be so friggin' nervous, I'm telling ya... I kind of am already, and I'm not even there. Cripes!

So, despite me not being able to see you - if you watch the program tomorrow morning between around 11am and midday - you should get a view of my mug chattering nervously.

wish me luck, please. I'm bloody shitting it....