Friday, 25 June 2010

Dad's Renewing his Marriage Vows.

Was asked last minute to go on the radio tonight, but can't. I'm going north today. My dad and his wife are renewing their wedding vows. Can't wait! One of my father's sons ( my half brother ) and his wife and two small children are going to be there. I've never met them. I'm so excited. The half bro is nervous apparently. And it may be odd for me - since I'm the child my dad brought up. He was sent to boarding school.

I kinda wish I was taking someone with me... even my step-brother's wife's 16 year old son is taking his girlfriend. Step-mummy kept asking me if I've asked someone to join me there but I decided not to. Can't be arsed. Single is the new black, anyway. As from now.
Just wanna enjoy the moment without worrying about someone else who doesn't know my Pops and family etc...

I'm under strict instructions not to wear jeans or trousers. Fuck.... not sure what to wear now..... will have to go look through the mountain of clothes in my bedroom right now.

Catch yous anon.