Saturday, 15 May 2010

today I saw My Popsy

Question: When were computers invented? Well, if you imagine a computer that was created approximately 80-100 years before the very first ones were being tested, then you will get an idea of the type of archaic device that I am currently using.
It's old and slow, so slow in fact it doesn't finish writing my words until a few seconds after I've stopped tap tapping them ... And no, it's not cos this is the type of equipemnt used in Yorkshire, thank you! There is broadband and we do have sexy lap tops up here too. Just not in this house, it seems. That's OK.

Hello from the deepest darkest parts of Yorkshire... I'm here staying with a friend for the weekend to escape London and to see my Pops.
I met Mon Pere and my step-ma today for lunch today. I wasn't sure how it would be, since they have now seen the book and read the back cover.

Well, when I met them they seemed all right. We went to a nice restaurant and everything was chirpy. In fact, it continued to be so throughout lunch and even when the wine kicked in (with them, of course, not me) the only tense moment was when Step-mother said a snipy comment. Nothing to do with the book but refering to the past and my relationship with my dad.
It was very odd for her to say what she did and I ignored her. At least I ignored her long enough to cause enough embarassment to ensure that she realised that what she'd said was completely out of order. Dad was silent. He usually is in these situations.
He had hold of my hand, which is a huge development, and he squeezed it gently when his wife dropped her calous comment.

I could blab on about what it was that she'd said and I could certainly have expressed my shock when she said it, but I didn't and I won't.
Integrity means a lot to me and I've got a good idea how best to deal with certain people, and with my step-ma today - me saying nothing just highlighted the idiocy of her comment and that was enough.
Oh well...
So, to cut this story short: lunch as a whole went well. I gave them a copy of Hooked which they have agreed that they will not read. Good call. They were banding it around in the restaurant to anyone that would listen! That embarassed me and made me laugh.
They showed our waitress, then some bloke collered my Popsy when he went to the loo (of all places) and said: 'Are you the father of the girl who wrote the book, Hooked?' I thought daddy was winding me up when he told me this. The guy had been told by our waitress, it seems! Dad loved this! He's clearly pleased with me, which is everything.

We then went to WHSmith where they (Mr & Mrs Gee) shuffled the book into a more visable place. Cripes. I really wanted us to leave at that point.
And then they told the manager to 'Make sure it sells! That's our daughter'.... Ahh, very cute! And What the hell ? Is it only me who cringes about the fact that it clearly states ' CALL GIRL' on the front of it?? Well, well, well .... it seems that way.
I live and learn every damn day. Life is an intruige. People fascinate me. Surprises are at every corner.

Don't get me wrong - Dad is not proud of the heading. Not at all. He is/was worried about repurcussions it has for my future. But that, I hope is in my hands. And as far as a future relationship goes any man would need to know everything about me. It's better that way. I can't live in secrecy ever again.
I know why I wrote Hooked, and my reasons are honourable. So my friends, negative judgments must remain the other person's issue. It is not they that will cast the last stone. And when all this is over; when we move on from this life - we will all turn into the same dust. And then it will be useless trying to point the finger then - cos we won't have any. So there!