Wednesday, 5 May 2010

sex, sex, & more sex .. ( made you look!)

Right mon cherrys it won't be too long before I stop banging on about the fact that... (excuse me while I scream it out loud ) - MY FUCKING BOOK IS IN THE SHOPS TOMORROW !!!
said it.
feel much better now.

Just wanna keep this simple. (Me? Keeping something simple??!!!)
I'm excited, nervous and I'm actually buzzing as though I've been sniffing coke - and don't even ask me if I have been.
My head's not fully together. Jesus H, who needs drugs when you can feel this elated and all-over-the-place, without them.
I can t recall a time when I've been this excited (without the aid of narcotics), ever. And even that was only ever short lived. Moments, minutes if I was lucky. And I was taking enough and the right stuff, before you start... That's why it all got so out of control. I was always attempting to make those moments last hours, days, whatever...
But you'll read about all this in HOOKED - which I'm not sure if I've mentioned is in your high street book shops tomorrow!!!!

*Excuse me*

I barely slept last night. But I must have done, 'cos I dreamed about searching for a Waterstone's book shop, and I couldn't frigging find one, anywhere. There wasn't a single one in sight.
I woke up literally shaking.
Fear, fear, fear.... a constant irritant in my life.

Tomorrow, I have a VERY important photo shoot dharlings! I really dislike that stuff. It's not me.
Then I'm taking my agent - (listen to me MY AGENT !! hahaa!) for a sexy lunch in a tres fancy restaurant to say a big thank you to her for, well, being so passionate about my work and for being simply fabulous. Not in a lovie way - in a decent, honest professional and friendly manner.

After lunch (or before if I have my way) I'm gonna trawl around loadsa book shops, loitering with intent. I will try to be casual and discreet while hanging around the area where HOOKED will be sitting - and if anyone comes within 20 yards of the book, I'm gonna grab them, and tell them 'Look at this! I wrote this fucking book!' and I will raise it above my head victorious.
You'll be pleased to hear that after the next few days (I was gonna say after tomorrow, but that would be a lie) I will calm the hell down and move on from my constant whittle. Is that even a word?? I think it is. Well, It is now.

OK,I just wanna thank you soo, so much for your support and for allowing me to be the Clare that I am today, and not to feel shame about who I became all those years ago.
I also want to thank my father, my agent, my goldfish, God .... and ....