Friday, 7 May 2010

the Bubble has Burst.

Hello,hello .... gosh what a strange and exciting few days.
First I want to thank each one of you for your continued support over the past year, with my blog and my habitually talking about my book.

So, I'm gonna tell you something and I kinda wish I wasn't about to say this - but .... I feel a little down. A little lonely, vulnerable, tired.

The days leading up to the publication of HOOKED, hell, the weeks - I was elated. I think this may be the down period after the high. I don't feel like crying, its not like that. I feel quiet and a bit on edge. I'm worried about going into work on Monday cos they now all know about the content of the book. My step-ma is with me, but I don't know about daddy. He sounded subdued on the phone yesterday. That troubles me. In fact I will phone them in a minute...

* OH, MY GOD, as I wrote that - they just called me! they're all right. Happy even... it's clearly just me who is not a 100% today.*

I feel alone, despite my friends closing in and being totally supportive, texting, and phoning me throughout the day, yet I feel a little isolated. I almost feel as though I'm on a fence and could go more than 2 ways...I don't know what's happening to be truthful. Maybe I'm just tired. I'm sure it's that.

Earlier today I had 2 radio interviews and this evening I have a live one. The two earlier ones went well. Was a bag of nerves before hand but loved it when I was in the studio and absolutely walking on air when I walked out.
Fun! I hope this evening's show is as friendly.

I'm going to get into the bath now. Try and relax before the car comes and picks me up to take me to this interview. Crumbs!
It's all a bit odd ... odd, funny and well, just peculiar.