Monday, 29 March 2010

the intrepid explorer does north africa - alone. cripes

ok, Im here in north africa trying to pretend that its ok that Im by myself... and in some respects it is. One problem is that this darned computer has an unusual system which im finding very difficult to follow... so no exclamation marks or most other forms of expression, are going to happen from me while Im here. In fact this thing is not great.

Anyway we do the best with what we have, aint that right Mr President of the United States who said that... so today its been hot. I caught the sun. Its a good job cos when I get back I intend to get my hair extensions popped back in my hair, the plan is I should have worked my ass off while here) so I guess Il be ready for some sex and flirtation. Il deserve it - this lack of intimate contact and Im not refering to sex, makes me grateful for things such as friends. Plus naturally the sun is an aphrodisiac, altho saying that I still stand by what I said about there being no action while Im here.
So last night I was thinking - its a new moon, a new season, the clocks have changed, in a few days I can say that my book will be published *next month* the star is in place of inverted commas, by the way.... and , my second period in a month has come now Im away. This might usually be annoying, but I see it as a fresh start all round... Im shedding the old, in all respects the old has gone - old season, old time, so you know what that means...

Viva the new... bring in the new.... Im going to invite new into my life when I get home.

Id put exclamation marks all over this, but I cant, becaue it seems I am only able to use commas, and fullstops.

BUT - I can use capital letters, so in place of exclamation marks, you get a capital lettered - HUMPH

I just blew you a kiss, did you catch it..... question mark. quick. geddit, its hovering just above your nose.
there ya go.................