Thursday, 28 January 2010

My fella is moving In...

Oh my... I’m blummin' pooped!
Work has been absolutely hectic the past two weeks; the end of the tax year is very significant for my work place. Hells bells! At least tomorrow will signify its end, and the start of a little more tranquility in the office.
I’ve been absent from here for a couple of reasons:

1. I’m plain tired and I have been too whacked to write the blog after work and too busy during the day. Sorry.

2. I’ve been weaning myself off the addictional tendencies I develop when on Facebook, daily. It takes up too much time and prevents me from focusing on doing the stuff that I want to do for my future. All the hours spent on Facebook, I could be spending some of those on researching production companies and getting to grips with the treatment that I am writing for a documentary proposal. But I want to keep in contact with the friends that I’ve made on here – and I thank you for your patience.

3. I need and want to get involved with charity work and I need to get on with that in order to make it happen. If my emotional struggles cannot be turned into positives by helping other people – I feel I will not be quite whole.

4. Finally, another reason I've cooled off from writing a daily blog is because Blue told me a little over a week ago that he sometimes gets confused between Clare and Missy Gee and this upsets him. I don't want him to be upset, so I've taken a breather.
As I’ve said time and time again, apart from my openness and honesty, in person I am not how I write. My verbal tone is not so grrr! (most of the time)
I am not as mouthy, blunt or as crude as I may make out. I'm confident but often shy. Most of the time I am Clare, the girl my father brought up, who is not exactly so Leary as the style of the writing within the book and on occasions, this blog. And this is the Clare that I want to be, the majority of the time.

Anyway, I’m here now, and I intend to participate more over the coming weeks, mon cheries. I simply need to be vigilant because I don’t like walking into my flat after work and instantly I reach for my lap top. I have a rounded life and I don’t think that it is healthy for me to spend too much time online.
So... there are less than 100 days (By God's Grace) until Hooked is published. Yaay!
I am not sure if I made a formal announcement – but I need to tell yous something –
Hooked is no longer going to be published in March. It will now be ready for you in May. God, I was in tears when I found out. I was at work wailing my head off!
But I soon realised that this is better for many reasons; airport sales being a huge one, and lets face it, many thousands of books are bought by people heading off to foreign destinations. Sound odd? – but it’s true.

It’s all going to be good. I have faith. I’m not thinking too much about the publication date, to be truthful. I have so many things that I am doing right now (or should I say, working towards) that May will come in due course. That’s such a silly statement – Of course the month of May will come, and only when it comes!

Right, I’m going to eat some Moussaka then watch a film.
By the way: Blue is moving into my place over the weekend...........
............. only for 4 weeks! worry not!

will tell all tomorrow.

By the way: If you haven't seen the new book cover - take a look here...