Sunday, 13 December 2009

A whinge a day...

I’m sitting at home after spending time with L today.
I’ve just eaten an apple that has made me feel a bit sickly. Apples and bananas always do this to me.
As well as feeling sick, i'm feeling sorry for myself. My period is due and my boobs are sore and swollen. Oh well... at least I seem to be getting them regularly now.
I should be grateful for that I think I’m tired – I slept really badly last night. It was getting light by the time I finally settled to sleep. Rubbish. Oh and Christmas ? I think I’ll be home alone during the day. A friend will pop over in the evening... Daddy’s going to my uncles apparently, but no one mentioned me tagging along – and our relationship is not one where I can invite myself. Not surprisingly they haven’t asked me what I’m doing.
God, I’m having a real whinge today, eh? I like to have a bit of a moan sometimes, don’t you? Not too much – it’s just a bit of a comfort thing, ya know.

Talking of comfort – it’s been a while since I had any nookie... I want some very soon. I’m getting itchy feet. I need some physical. Speaking to L. today was lovely. She’s always got gossip and antics to tell me about. I don’t live like a nun myself, but L. is actively ‘dating’ as she puts it and I reckon I’ll live vicariously through her for a while.
Why is that? Look, even if Brad Pitt came knocking on my door, now, I wouldn’t get involved. It’s the last thing that I want. But I said I want to get banged? Yep – but when that happens I will ensure that it is not in a situation that could turn onto something. That will be very, very clear to the recipient of my pum-pum.

Oh, and by the way: A final whinge. I am utterly narked at my facebook page getting deleted. It's a real ball ache! And right now I just don't have the energy to find some of the friends that I lost... grrr!