Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Thou shalt not Write another Word ! (not yet)

OK – I’ve done the things I have needed to do over the past few days. Stuff like editing and emailing certain very important people dharlings, epic emails about more editing and what I hope to achieve because of my book.
Now, I’m sitting at work, and I suppose I should be working. Instead, I’m crapping myself at the prospect of my next couple of evenings being filled with writing UnHooked. Arrrgggh!! The thought just turns my stomach. I will need to draw up a list of procrastination techniques so I can avoid writing a single word. I don't know how long my fear of writing more on UnHooked will go on for... hmmm... Should I be worried? Anyway, i do have some reassuring avoidance bits 'n' pieces that I could participate in, to relinquish at least some of the guilt.

A few stalling tactics, A la Gee:

1. Whipping myself into a maniacal frenzy and convincing myself that ‘I cannot do it!’ then stropping around with a frown on my chops.
2. Smoking. Can’t keep popping outside for a ciggie tho, when I’m at work.
3. Facebook and other useless Internet exploits. Faffing around, kinda staring and reading, not sure what and generally killing time. And lots of it.
4. Persuading myself that i am doing ‘research’ when I’m checking out random websites for no outwardly obvious reason.

Must go ........... am meeting Kay for coffee and a quickie.