Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Seeing Blue.

I’m sitting on the sofa and I can hear my i-pod which is in my bag about 3 meters away! That’s not good, is it? I do have it pretty loud when I listen to it, but I didn't realise that it’s that loud! Yikes.

So, I was on the train heading home today and this guy was really looking at me. But let’s face it I must have been ‘really looking’ at him for me to know that he was
‘really looking’ at me, eh?
For some reason, I started thinking ‘I wonder if he reads this blog or he’s on the Facebook page?’ Ego Alert! That’s not like me. Forgive me please.
I’ve never thought that about anyone before today... But then, for a split second I wondered if I had ever had sex with him for money, many years ago and he recognised me? And then I woke up.
I don’t even look the same! I wasn’t traveling on the same line as I used to – plus I was sober and not sniffing and rubbing my nose like a maniac.

Anyway, I got my belt back.
Blue dropped it into work yesterday. The receptionist down stairs had gone early, it seemed, so Blue text me to see what I wanted him to do with the belt.
‘Bring it upstairs please’ I text back. He did. There he was, the guy that less than two weeks ago I’d have walked over hot coals for, until I admitted to myself that he wouldn’t have done the same for me, handing me my tan leather belt.

“Your hair looks nice” He said.


“So, how’ve you been?”

“Well, I’m feeling a bit funny since you’re right here, now. But honestly? I’ve been feeling good. I’ve been well. I’m alright... “ He said nothing.

“ I didn’t realise just how stressed I was during the time that were together.” I continued. “The last week has shown me that. So I’m alright with everything at it is. I’m really fine” I nodded.
He looked at me, briefly, then said :

“ I’m going” He didn’t sound moody at all.

“Have a nice Christmas” I called after him.

“You too” he answered.

And that was that.