Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gagging For It.

I love skipping. Skipping across roads, along pavements just here and there.Not all the time, obviously. That’d be silly. I’m not saying whenever I do this that I go into a full-blown skip as though I have a rope with me – I simply mean a quick 1,2,3 ... you know.

I’ve just got home to my ‘cosy little existence’ as Blue used to call it, after meeting a woman about a cat. Now, I’m being silly...
I just met a woman who is an editor. She’s quite something. I greatly respect her and really appreciate her eccentricity. We chatted a lot during the couple of hours that we were together. I love talking to older women. They make me feel warm; the motherly figure that I’ve never had.

I’m loving my little flat right now. I’m slowly going through a huge clear out of my stuff. You know, paper, clothes, clutter, things that haven’t been used for yonks.
Before I came home I went into Boots and spent nearly 60 quid on stuff which I will probably end up throwing out during my next clear out. I could easily spent a grand in Boots given half a chance. I love that place. Not that I will have the opportunity any time soon. If ever. I’ve bought some things which are going to beautify me to perfection. I’ve been feeling confident and sexy the past days. Loving the simplicity of my life.
I miss Blue; I miss the fantasy – but he popped my bubble and has opened my eyes to how I am with men. Nothing bad - I just learned a few things. How Blue was during our liaison is his concern. Not mine, so I won't mention that.

I’m thinking of going up north again this weekend; and I’ve decided by the following week I reckon I will be ready to source a bit of ‘how’s yer father’... Just something casual; absolutely no commitment.
If I can handle that or not is yet to be seen...