Friday, 16 October 2009

Men, Sex and their Nerves.

My skin glistened with sweat. It was hot and I was wet. I sighed. God, it felt good. So good. As it got deeper I groaned with satisfaction and I wallowed in the glory of being enveloped by warmth and with the aid of baby oil, I slid easily into position.

And that was just my bath.

Hello there amigos!
I’m home alone having a lovely and relaxed evening before I set out for Yorkshire again tomorrow. I’ve never been there so many times in such quick succession. Tomorrow I’m staying with HD (my honorary dad) who I didn’t get a chance to see when I went to stay with daddy the other week.
I’m kinda looking forward to it, but I’m kinda not. I’m not, because I hate sleeping away from my house. Anal, huh!? I’m not sure why. I just like to be in my own environment, unless of course I am hauled up in a remote shack in a hot country (or a 5* hotel, if I must) getting screwed at every opportunity by a guy who is hung like a horse. Preferably the horse would be called Blue. Then, under thos circumstances I can deal with being away from my own bed.

I’m desperate to get away. I’d like to go somewhere with Blue so we can get some sun and I can get a sore snatch. I don’t mind a slightly sore snatch. It make me feel as though my pussy’s being used. (Take that as you will.)
Not sore from herpes or any other creepy infections, obviously, but from intimate lovin’. And lots of it.

I love sex don’t you? That thought just popped into my mind. Yep, I do love it but only if it’s good. I won't have sex for the sake of having some. No way.
By 'good' I don’t mean that I must climax (altho it's very nice) or that I must be swinging off chandeliers (i hate that shit. totally unnecessary during genuine real sex) or that the guy must put on show. My interpretation of good sex is: a connection between myself and the guy. That's it. A lack of consciousness and a natural flow and appreciation of each others bodies and delights.

A friend of mine has just recently met someone. She is having sex with this guy and she’s not feeling a connection. It’s been a few times now. She thinks it may grow to be better. I don’t believe in that, do you?
I reckon if it’s crap the first time, it’s basically doomed, but if you really like him and you go back for seconds (just to check that the first time was REALLY that bad) and it remains rubbish – then surely you’d leave it, no?
Why would you continue after two dismal attempts? I wouldn’t. Surely some times it's just not there. Something isn't right, and that's it. It's no ones fault. Individually I'm sure you're both demons in bed - but together it ain't happening.So what?
In fact, call me cold (not forgetting shallow)but I don’t think I’d even go back for seconds. I couldn't be bothered.
Unless of course the guy was very open, and humble enough to acknowledge that it hadn’t worked out, due to say, nerves or something, then I’d respect him for having the balls to say it. In that situation (which i can’t recall happening) I’d maybe let it go. But can one really ever let go of crap sex? Not really, eh? You never forget it.

I mean, what is it about nerves? Only once when I was working as a hooker did I see a guy who was so nervous he couldn’t get it up. Other guys told me they were nervous and I could see that they were but they still got an erection. Performance isn’t something I rated or thought about unless it was exceptionally brilliant. Which wasn’t usual.
Maybe nervousness preceding and during sex is different for men because it can show through their hard-on. Or lack of it which adds to pressure - but again why would a bloke feel under pressure?
Do experienced men really get that nervous? I understand that with a call girl, they may. But with a new partner? Someone they actually like and want to have sex with? Really??
Unless, I suppose they’re screwing behind their Mrs’s back, then again, I see why nerves could kick in. Not that my friends new squeeze is doing that – I hasten to add.
What says you? Do men feel nerves before having sex? This is a tricky one, eh!? Bit of a mine field ...

So, When men do get nervous around sex, what are the reasons?

If you don’t want to talk about you own experience maybe you’d feel more comfortable telling me about ‘this thing that happened to someone you know...’ Or maybe not.