Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Leopard can change its spots; clearly.

I just want to thank you all so much for being loyal readers of this blog. It's very humbling that there are some people that appear to enjoy reading my rants.

I have just discovered that Hooked is available for pre-order on Amazon in French, German, Japanese as well as English.
It is also possible to sign up to get a notification if you are in U.S, Australia or Canada, again, via Amazon.

And check this:

Gosh! it's all so exciting. It's amazing that this is happening. From how I was living to how things are today is a world apart. I'm still part bonkers, but hells bells - there is no comparison to how things used to be, and then on top to have started and finished writing a book is quite a feet for someone who once upon a time couldn't start and finish making a cup of tea. How things can change. Leopards can change their spots. I am proof of that.
And then, the cheese on top of the pie (I hope my made-up expression won't come back to bite me on my brown bum!) a publishers likes my writing enough to actually want to print it!!! Blimey! I'm a happy, lucky girl !
Thank you all for your support.

Oh, and by the way: feel free to pass my amateurish website onto your friends, if you think that they won't think you revel in seedy and debauched lifestyles. It's all about the writing, isn't it dharlings!