Sunday, 20 September 2009

see you in a few!

Hi y’all... As I mentioned yesterday I am taking a few days away from Facebook and the blog from today to concentrate on continuing UnHooked . Months ago I wrote up to 27,000 words and I need to continue writing. I have stalled, and stalled and stalled, and now I am ready to try to continue.
I have lots of work to do and I am easily distracted. Because I work on a computer all day and then I faff around on one at night, it’s an easy option to connect with friends on Facebook or the blog instead of focusing on building a relationship with this second book.

I will be back later this week after, I hope, managing to immerse myself in UnHooked enough to have created a bond with it. This will then enable me to come back to Facebook and the blog because these two things will have their place in my life, alongside my book, without them being used a procrastination aid, as they are now.
I hope that you understand... catch you in a few days!