Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meeting Lou.

I’m at work. I really feel like a cigarette. Not long to go and I’ll be puffing away on my to meet Lou, an editor.
I dislike smoking in the street. I’m such an old fashioned girl in many respects. I don’t think it looks nice. But there we have it. My urgency to smoke outweighs my perceived aesthetics about smoke streaming from my nose and mouth.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing Lou and to chatting with her. This woman is amazing. So astute, very ‘different’, really posh, very clever, a staunch feminist. She’s eccentric and very specific about detail; verbal and written. She will clarify where my priorities lie, with what I need to do.
I have some notes and I must be clear about what I want to achieve.
I Love it. This whole thing. Lou is fab! She doesn’t miss anything. Not a thing. I guess that’s her job...

Anyway, I’ll be with her about an hour, before, no doubt smoking again on my way to get the train back home.
I’m into UnHooked, finally!
I am officially ‘writing the second book, now’. That is a huge relief. I was getting very concerned about when that was going to start happening, and indeed if I could.

Will write more later...