Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My journey home...

So, on Saturday I am supposed to be getting the keys to my new place. I’m going there, and L and I are painting the sitting room. She’s reliable is L. Usually, I just hope that she’s still up for some painting when it comes round to it...

I can’t wait to move in, I really can’t. Gonna paint on Saturday – then start moving my things in during the following week... I’m saying this, but nothing is set in stone yet. I don’t have a removal thingy or any of that. Dee said he’d help me with his car – but I don’t want to do that...
I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be very happy in the flat once I move in.

On my way home after work today, in the rain, I saw something from under my umbrella that made me smile broadly... A baby in a buggy with a plastic rain-protector thingy covering him. He was half laying back and literally grinning from inside the dryness and comfort of his nest.
What a delight! Totally gorgeous!

After that I nearly got into a verbal with this woman who childishly pushed me out of the way so she could sit on the seat on the train that I was about to take. Now I’m not a finicky girl. Neither am I pedantic. I couldn’t give a shit about inane stuff like that – but when I say that this woman pushed me, I mean, pushed, so that she could sit next to the husband who clearly wanted to disown her after she burst into laughter and my face was like thunder...

I started with ‘ Look, don’t’... her man offered his seat.’ that’ I was about to say, with a scowl on my face.
If she’s wanted a piece, I’d have given her it. Stupid woman. I then sat opposite her because some other guy stood up allowing the pushy cow with her husband to stay next to each other and also giving me the seat that by rights, I should have been able to take. By whose rights? Mine.

Anyway, for the whole journey home I was thinking about what an asshole she’d been; but I hid it well. I try to consciously keep frowning to a minimum. I can’t afford botox ( yet) and I don’t want wrinkles.

Got home and spoke to daddy who sounded tired but my step-ma was nosey and jolly as ever.
‘How’s work?’ She chirped.
“How’s your love life?” That’s what she really likes hearing about. I tell her most things.
“None existent “ I told her. “I wish it wasn’t but that’s how it is for now.”
She was disappointed. She loves a bit of titillating gossip.

I didn't mention lunch with Dee. It didn’t actually cross my mind until now – better I didn’t anyway, that would have been fuel for our next few conversations and I can’t be bothered to talk about it right now.

I’m going to bed before 9pm this evening. I’m so rock n roll like that. My tiredness is justified - I was up at 6am this morning. Had things to do.

Ahhh, the joys! the joys!
The day I can afford a cleaner – I will officially be one of the most content women that walks this planet.