Monday, 3 August 2009

don't look back in anger.

Just started watching Human Traffic. So fucking funny! I love, love this film! It has me in stitches every single time I’ve seen it. It just doesn’t lose it’s humour value however many times I’ve watched it! If you haven’t seen it – please, please do yourself a favour and go to HMV spend 3 quid and treat yourself. It’s in the sale.

What a day. I’m getting into my work now... I think I’m kinda settling in and becoming accustomed to what the hell is supposed to be going on in there.
I like it. I’m pretty pleased with the whole set up. I’ve been very lucky and fallen on my feet.
Yep, things are falling into place. Or at least they appear to be...
You never know it could all change tomorrow. It could – but I’m hopeful that it won’t.
Take Blue. Yesterday I was saying that it’s his birthday - and surprise surprise it still is, but the thing that has changed is that I’m no longer taking him out as was previously arranged.
I’d booked for us to go to a restaurant on Kings Road. I got them to make a cake and add his name onto it and birthday candles. Nice huh.

I bought him some cool Addidas trainer, a shirt and a bag. None of which he has got. I can’t be bothered to go into the reason. Basically he was meant to meet me after work at 5.45 – at 5.25 I got a text from him saying that he’s just ‘got home and could do with a little lie down, plus don’t wanna rush’.
He wasn't trying to cancel, he says. He just wanted us to meet later.
Right, let me get this straight - someone, not anyone, but me - kind, generous, affectionate, gorgeous, Me has arranged for you to have a small birthday celebration which You told me you wanted to participate in. I've gone out of my way not only to arrange this but financially, and you're at home when you're meant to be meeting me?

Mate, you've had hours to get yourself to my work place for the designated time.
Please don't try to take the piss or mistake me for a door mat.

I made the effort to arrange dinner, bought and wrapped your presents and after eating we were going to an art house cinema which has sofas and waitress service, to go and watch a film that I though you would like. I’ve paid for this already so I’m just gonna write it off.

Oh dear. Things didn’t work out.
Too bad.

OK – I want to tell y’all something.... It’s a half-secret.... I will whisper it... come closer... come closer...
OK, ready?

I finally got my book deal.