Friday, 24 July 2009

True Blue

I can’t wait for the weekend to begin. I’m tired and I feel old. A night of hardcore sex and I’m taking forever to recover.
God – at least Blue is feeling the same as me. He’s meeting me from work today and we’re going to hang out for a while before he goes to meet some fellow actors. I am invited, which is lovely, but I don’t suppose I’ll go. Not the way I’m feeling right now...

Being on high alert at work (where I’m writing this from) is draining. Learning a new job and meeting new people – the majority of whom have very obscure names which I’m kinda expected to remember, ain’t easy. By the way: Facebook is alright here if kept minimal. I have officially been told.
One consolation... In fact there are two, about starting here and feeling shattered
First – I’m working for a company where some sexy premiership footballers and lots of other sports people come in and out of. Lucky me! Spotted two of them today – Fit! Fit! Fit!
How is it that so many famous footballers are hot? No idea who this guy was and I didn’t care enough to ask... Besides I am fully focused on Blue.
Money, football skills and good looks will not entice me away from the connection that Blue and I have, bedroom skills and good looks. Nope. I’m not that easy believe it or not.
Funny how I told y’all that I am taking the less sexy job (but better paid) compared to the interior design company that offered me work. It turns out that where I am is in a cool area of London with interesting people trapesing in an out.

Blue just text me again ... I need you to know something: I am currently having literally the most exciting and most connected and more amorous sex of my whole entire life – and yes, I have said that before – that’s how I know that this time is the truth.