Tuesday, 21 July 2009

L - un rayon de soleil.

Just spoke to my dad, bless ‘im. He’s cute. They make me smile. They did something for me today and are very proud of themselves. Well, daddy’s not so proud ( i think he gets embarrassed because he understands that the meager offerings they hand out are often just that – meager. But sweet none the less.) But my step mother - she is very pleased with herself.
It kinda bugs me when someone does something nice for you and after you thank them sincerely more than twice they go on to elaborate about it and make out that what they just did was the equivalent of having climbed Everest in order for you to have water to drink.

Jeez. Never mind. I’m used to their way.

I heard from the sister and the cousin again yesterday and today. Bloody hell, they’re starting to get up my nose. The sister is now dropping major hints about wanting me to help them financially. I am considering getting an accountant to weigh up my current financial status and let them know just how in debt I am and when I say that I don’t have a penny to scratch my ass with – i mean it. I’m not a person to say that, when secretly I have £10K tucked away in savings. No, I literally mean that even the money I am spending today is not actually mine. HD, my Honorary Dad has given me a credit card to help me b(u)y.

These people (my sister and cousin) are strangers to me and will be blocked from my email account if this continues, cos I really don’t want to feel harassed by them. Apparently one of my other sisters (the youngest one. I have three) has had a baby and the guy is no longer around... I understand that must be hard, especially where poverty is prevalent and there is no Welfare. But cold as it may seem it’s not an immediate issue in my life.

OK – I want to run something passed you. L. my fantasticgorgeous friend and I have come up with an idea...

You know how I am always bleating on about how wise and clever and fabulous she is? Well, after talking to her about the Missy Gee Facebook page and some of the messages that I get from people and I can’t always respond to ? Or more accurately I cannot respond in the manner that people deserve, especially when they have a problem or they are feeling down and they want to chat... Well, L. and I thought that with her experience, of the trials and tribulations that life throws up, along with the professional training that she has had – Why doesn’t she ‘join’ the Facebook page as a kind of Agony Sister... We are thinking of setting this up as her becoming an Admin.

What do you reckon?

Good, eh? Yep – I reckon it’s good too.
She's switched on and you’ll like her... We were thinking of this starting Thursday July 30th...

Bet you were expecting that I’d bang on about my weekend of love, right? Well, there ya go... I’m full of surprises me. Thought I keep quiet about it tonight. It’s the least I can do after yesterday.

Life, hey! You gotta love it!

Oh, nearly forgot... Tomorrow after work I have a photographer coming over to mine to take some ‘annoymous ‘ shots of me for that piece I told I was writing.
Better get my hair washed and straightened this evening since it will be splashed across a National newspaper in a couple of weeks time.