Friday, 19 June 2009

fair dismissal

So, not only have i been eating baked beans the past days since buying Dee’s gift – It looks as though I’ll be eating them for a while longer. I just got sacked from my temp job. I am tempted to say that they ‘let me go’ but not being one for bullshit, I’m giving it to you straight. They sacked me. Bastards.
(I am wondering if now I called them all 'bastards', when indeed I am sure that they all, if not most, have fathers - if I will be condemned to more disappointment via a dose of retribution. They're not all bastards, they really aren't...)

You see, I was initially (and this happened 1 hour ago exactly) peeved. I still am, but now I see the bigger picture (to coin a horrible phrase). They ( the company) had to get rid of someone, ‘cos one woman who has been on a three month job swap is coming back to her post . That’s one reason. The other reason is apparently because I used Facebook when we all told categorically not to. That’s what they told me was the reason for getting rid of me. Right, I may do stupid things at times, and I’ve certainly acted like an idiot on many occasions in my life, but one thing I am not (and I’m many things) is stupid.

Facebook usage as reason to sack someone is completely ridiculous and for me to be given that as an explanation for the said dismissal serves only to ridicule the people that lacked the imagination to make up something decent.
That, and they clearly lacked the balls to speak the truth. The four girls on the team I was working on were continually told to stop using Facebook – and since next week 30 more redundancies are to be announced, they felt that they would use the temp i.e me as an example. It makes sense and it’s correct that they do so. They need to be seen to be acting. People are losing their job all over the place, so why should some people be in work who are so bored that they are using Facebook, and getting paid for it.

I made my bed, now I am laying in it... BUT had I looked like the back end of a tractor which had just poured crap all over a field, I probably wouldn’t have been sacked by my female boss who was always frosty towards me. Now that probably isn’t true, but my currently deflated ego needs to pin this onto something, and I’ve only done what any other self respecting gyal would do – and placed all the blame not onto myself – but onto jealousy.
Ahhh..... now I feel much better.