Monday, 15 June 2009

blah, blah, blah

I just noticed that I managed to change my thumbnail picture on Networked blogs. I’m such a clever girl ! (Just kidding !) I love it when i achieve something new, like that. I’m not confident at all with technology, so I feel good about myself when i do these small things.
Saying that, if at the time of the change over I’d been with someone who i knew could have done this for me, then I’d have asked them to do it before trying it myself. I have no huge desire to learn to do certain things altho I enjoy the feeling of success if i manage it. An example , changing a plug. No can do. No interest in trying – but maybe one day I’ll have to.
But suppose I asked for help from someone who knew how to do something I couldn’t, and if that someone told me to‘try to do it myself’ – I’d be really miffed, and more than likely I wouldn’t bother trying..... I’d probably strop off childishly. But if I’ve instigated the attempt myself, then fine.
I’m not a big for one for trying things myself if someone else can do it. Some people think that’s lazy. Well, I suppose I am, but it’s not a crime - so what’s the harm? Take being on the underground.. I never use a map if I don’t know where i’m going, I just ask one of the assistants to tell me the way -don’t you?

Anyway, no reason I was sharing that with you... i just thought I would.

Are you still awake??

Dee’s birthday tomorrow. It’s a tricky one. I’m really confused at the moment. I just don’t know what to do about the whole thing. His birthday, our relationship...
We talked on the phone last night and I cried. I cry a fair bit anyway so that’s nothing major.We talked tonight and he was crying. What a hullabloo. ( Great word! ‘Hullabloo’)
* * *

I heard a couple of expressions at work today. They made me laugh. I work in a male dominated environment; but It makes no difference to me ‘cos none of them are fit. Anyway, this guy described a woman as ‘ riding him to death’ in reference to some sex he’d had. That had me laughing madly. He was so sincere when he said it. At least someone is getting some.
Something else that made me smile was someone describing going down on a woman as ‘ plating’ her. Have you ever heard that? Weird, hey? I guess it stems from ‘ eating’... you know, ‘ plate’....

* * *

A few good thing are happening at the moment: I’m back in contact with someone that I really want to know. We had email contact before and since yesterday he’s re-appeared. He makes me smile. We live continents apart so nothing more will happen, yet. Besides I’ve taken a vow of celibacy have I not? Actually I haven’t.... i just said i would stay away from relationships, right?

* * *

And the final thing I wanted to share with you: something that happened on Friday I haven’t wanted to say yet. Remember I told you that I thought the latest draft of the book may be the last one? Well, the agent sent that draft to publishers last Friday.
We will see. I am trying not to think much about it. There are so many scaremonger stories about publishers rejecting, rejecting, rejecting.... Harry Potter being a famous one. 43 rejects or something like that... All i can do is wait patiently and see. I have faith. Not so much in myself but in a Greater Power.