Monday, 18 May 2009


I’ve mentioned before about how things seem to happen in my life. I’m so aware of even the smallest things and my observations make me realise that there is a power far greater than any human being alive and well ruling our universe.

The other day I was walking down Regent’s Street with daddy and his wife and we bumped into my cousin; my first cousin who I haven’t seen since I was 12 years old.

My father, however, has seen Paul, my cousin in recent years since he (my dad) re-established contact with his brother – my cousin’s dad after they’d stopped talking for years.
It’s weird to have just randomly bumped into Paul like that, eh?
He and his girlfriend were just passing us when they spotted my dad and hollered at us.
We all stopped, hugged, kissed and chatted for a while and that was that. I felt no connection to him, although he seemed nice enough. My first thought were that he is good looking and really image conscious– but hearing him talk and watching him laugh I realised that he doesn’t have much of an ego which is good.
He obviously likes clothes and fashion, as a result of working most of his life as a model. Although based in the north – he has lived on and off in London, although he has been living permanently in Yorkshire for the last 2 years.

So, after that bizarre encounter we continued mooching and went up to Covent Garden where I spotted a guy that I went to school with, again, a Yorkshire bloke.

Anyway, so, the plot thickens - right now I’m at work. I’ve just been down stairs to a shop and there a man stopped me.

“Were you in Sardinia last week?” he asked me.
“Yes, I was” I replied.
“I was sitting right next to you on the flight back” He laughed.
“Oh god! Was that you?” I was pretty shocked. He breath stank. I noticed this as he snored with his mouth open.
“Did you recognise me when we were on the flight?” I asked him, wondering why the hell he hadn’t spoken to me during the few hours we risked our lives together, floating around in mid air.

“Well, I thought it was you, but I wasn’t certain.”

Bloody ‘ell ! Coincidences! He works in the same building as I do.
Can you believe it? These type of things happen to me so frequently that I almost forget the relevance of their oddity.

Another example… I told you all that I ran off to an island off the coast of Africa a number of years ago to try and escape London, escorting, bars and cocaine? Well, while I was there I met numerous people, naturally.

About four years after I returned to London (after rehab) – I was walking down Regent’s Street, again, and I walked into a guy, Mass, that I knew from the Island.

How weird is that? What is the likely hood of that happening I wonder? I mean, statistically, what are the chances? It’d be interesting to get a % guesstimate for the probability.
Mass, the guy, had never been to England before. He’d arrived a couple of months earlier. We exchanged numbers, but I didn’t keep in contact with him because that transcended the rules of my relationship with Sexless.
Anyway nearly a year later,(this time I was on Oxford Street )and I bumped into him again.

All these things simply make me smile and my heart glows. They make me grateful to be alive and they make me thank the Power of The Universe for brining them to my attention. When I was drinking, drugging and fucking for money – my life was not full of coincidences - unless it was, but the darkness prevented me from noticing.

Remember I also told you I met CG while I was bumbling along a small Lane off Bond Street? Curiouser and curiouser…

I sometimes wonder if I wrote down everything that happens in my life, would I find a pattern?
I wonder if that would then mean I could predict my future.
And then the question would be - would I want to?

Do bears shit on toilets made from solid gold and get their asses wiped by scantily clad beach babes who waft palm leaves over their heads?

Hell, no! Of course not.