Monday, 11 May 2009

asses with heads inside them...

First I want to thank you good people that have signed up for the blog. I really appreciate that, thank you! It makes me feel people are interested, which is clearly very nice for all involved in the process of needing encouragement i.e Moi.

Well I'm back.
I had a lovely time in the sun. Neither L or myself had the desire or inclination to do much while we were away. It was enough to lie in the sun - scratch my ass and flick through the same magazines 50 times over. Of course we drank loadsa water which was very exciting and due to my seemingly being born part cat - I was able to sleep a lot. Now, I sleep a lot anyway... well, I do if I'm not temping. But for sure during weekends if I don't snooze during the day I feel cheated.
"Sleep is the closest thing to death" - that's OK with me. I'll still do it. Loads. You know I like to dice with my life.
"Overly sleeping causes early dementia" Dee told me two weeks ago. So? I'm still doing it. Fear of losing my sanity is not something I have dwelt on too much. Correction - should I say, in the past I didn't. But now, I do actually. I prize my form of sanity very much.

Anyway, I'm lying on the sofa with some white shorts on and nothing else. I'm showing off my tan to myself. Yep, it's looking pretty fine - even tho I say it myself.
I enjoy my natural base tan ( being mixed race) but when the sun caresses my often pastyish skin, I develop a golden hue.

OK, right I've just taken my head from outta my ass and I'm about to get into the bath. I will then cream my body in a bid to keep this sun-kissed colour longer...
What did I just say about heads and asses? Head out of your ass Gee, for crying out loud! I'm teasing...........

I'm then going to Waitrose or perhaps it should be Tescos since I'm utterly broke. Buy some food and pass by HMV to see if there's a cheapskate DVD I can watch this evening.

I'm never one for films but after a holiday with L who is a film connoisseur, I've kinda got into them.
The one we watched which I liked most was 'Boys don't cry.' Have you seen it?
Tragic, touching and sexy.

I'll write again later.
I want to get out before the sun goes in.

By the way: I'm very, very happy with the agent I've got. She's utterly fantastico! I told her that I've been telling my friends: "I couldn't have designed an agent better myself."

OK - so my head's out of my own ass...Shall I take it out of hers now?
Nah, not yet.Credit where credit's due, I say!

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