Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Do I look bothered?

Right, I'm gonna try and resume writing le FB notes here(I hate abbreviations. Forgive me, for I can barely forgive myself for using the infamous 'FB.')

Anyway, I hope that I do not get booted off it once again. Something in my gut tells me that I will. Indeed.
Just as it’s all getting juicy – I’m on Facebook telling you about my fantasy about a horse and four jokeys and suddenly......... Radio silence. She’s gone again!
Once again I have been ousted from all polite society. Anyway – not to worry. I am willing to take the risk for my art dharling.
Besides, let’s not worry too much - the original blog page is where it’s all really happening – not on some cheap imitation.

*Maow* Whatever Trevvor. Face bovvered?

And as Im sure you know I’m not referring to you my dear Facebook chums I’m talking of the medium transporting my words to you.
So maybe in case they intend to get rid of me again I should just bombard you with filthy tales of more bottles invading my pussy while two fingers pump my anus. And the best of it? I actually enjoyed the anal damage.
Guess its about me tapping into that ‘Just fucking fuck me ya bastard, ya’ part of my usually serene demeanor... If you believe that.... I’m talking about the serene demeanor bit.

My tail is in between my legs my friends.... I have a confession... Err.... Dee and I are back on(ish) err, kinda, yeah, err... Hey, maybe that’s why Facebook deleted me – they were sick of the childish on/off/on/off baloney.

Well, like I said Face bovvered? Face?

My tits are heavy(ier) than usual the past couple of days. Now, at size Es – they make for a hefty package. Talking of waiting for my period is turning into its own soap opera – just like the Dee & Gee show. (And I'm not making up Dee & Gee, it’s real...) So, what I am guessing will happen is that once L and I board our flight at the weekend for our holiday, I will then come on my period.
Nearly every flight I have been on I’ve come on. A couple of my friends have had that experience also. L, being one of them. Strange. Then, I will be in the situation where I have a beautiful week in the sun with half a pound of cotton wool stuffed inside my snatch. Nice. Regardless, I’m bloody( sorry) looking forward to going away. The sun really brings out the black in me. When my skin tans it makes me think of the colour I was born to be, before getting dragged to this grey-weather-country where my skin lightened to an exotic dirty beige colour.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling my sulk leave me over The Facebook Affair. It’s fun writing my blog. I enjoy it. And let’s face it I can do nothing about The Facebook Affair, and sulking will only piss me off, not M. Zuckerman, or whatever his highness' name is.

No doubt in a dictatorship the minions can get severely punished for speaking out of turn about the master. So, Mr Zuckerboy. Sue me.

Face bovvered?

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