Thursday, 30 April 2009

CG & Me

I’ve just got home, happy and full – of Thai food. Dee and I went to Basubathai in SoHo where I ate Pat King Talay and he had ginger beef. I drank lemon grass presse and he drank coca cola.
Yes, coca cola.
I’m still always slightly bemused when a non-alcoholic chooses to drink something nonalcoholic.
I’m still programmed to think that despite myself not drinking alcohol ( it’s unequivocally correct that I don’t ) I still think that someone with no history of drink problems would opt for a drop of booze, especially when we’re out.

Anyway, we ate, chatted and now we’re back at mine. He’s in the bath and I’m about to join him.
My most memorable bathing experience with a man – and no it wasn’t the Dorchester paid gig – was an event that took place for nothing except lust in the early part of last year – with CG.

CG is a guy who I’d lusted after since meeting him when I was 19 years old – the first time I went into rehab.CG had been in the same rehab. He was 12 years older than me and lived abroad.
I’m pleased to say that when we met again ( I literally bumped into him on a quiet road off Bond Street three years ago)Strange. Very strange. But he was a yummy as he’d even been.
At that time he was 41 years old and the epitome of ‘older man’ cool. He had it in abundance, sex-factor, charisma, youthfulness, excitement.

Anyway, at that time I was living with my sexless relationship and so nothing happened with CG and I, except coffee, but we had unfinished business - he knew it and I knew it.
Eventually last year, when he was 43, and finally I’d grown into a fully fledged single woman – he came to stay with me in Surrey, where I was living. He had business in London. Yes, he did. He really did, OK....
It was then that we had an intense and passion filled liaison lasting a happy 7 days.
For the first week that he stayed we walked round egg shells around the subject of mutual copulation. He was here for business, and I was then seeing my 51 year old silver haired sexpert. And we know I don’t like doing the dirty.

So CG, left town after one week, for a weekend party in Europe. He returned three days later for more business in London. When we saw each other, it was as if having the three days apart made us both realise that we wanted each other badly. In whatever capacity ( other than just friendship) that was on offer.
It was during those 7 days that we shared the bath which was one memory that I’ll never forget. It was steamy, hot, slippery ... all of it.


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