Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pretty Boys and Holidays

I'm going abroad tmrw, alone on a writing mission for a week, and i've just been preparing to become the oddest guest of a small hotel.I intend to keep myself to myself so I can get maximum from this time away. Besides preparing to go away I've been tidying my flat cos I have a girlfriend from Yorkshire staying here for a few days while i'm away. I've haven't been particularly looking forward to going cos i know what i need to do when i get there and because of this I don't feel like I'm going on holiday. I'm going away, yep, to the sun, yep, but I'm gonna be working shit-loads. My plan is this: Snooze in the sun during the day and work through the night. Night time is my best writing time. I did the same thing last year in north Africa, and it was a really good for me. I did tons of writing, and after I'd got back home I realised that I had done some of my best work during that trip. I hope to God i get similar results this time. I'll definitely be on lock down when I'm there. No distractions. I'll purposely be miserable to any male staff, to ensure i get left alone. I can be militant like that when i want to be. I just hope there are no cute waiters in their twenties... Nah, I'm kidding, i'm not that susceptible to pretty boys. Not when I'm on a specific mission which does not include any kissy kissy. When I get tunnel vision there's no amount of beauty or charm or a combination of both, that will shift my focus.

Talking of which... as you may or may not know - I recently had a fling with a 26 year old boy. Yum. Alas, it's not more. It was intense and he's very sexy. Those two weeks were pretty hardcore. blimey. these boys are (well, some of them) mean business. love it! The fling is over in the manner it had begun, but i'm sure I'll see him again sometime in the future. Depending, obviously, on if either of us get distracted by other people before we get to that.

We shall see... but for now, the next week is all about writing. Fucking 'ell. this writing malarky's gonna kill me. I wish i had a boyfriend. An ongoing someone I'd like that. If I had a man - my ideal scenario would be that I go away, write like a demon and then he comes to meet me over there next weekend then we fly back together. Is that so much to ask?

Already I know I'll seriously need a good boning when i get back to release some tension. Er,, where's that boy....???