Monday, 11 April 2011

I wore nothing but fish-net hold-ups, heels, and a black coat.

Gosh, where do I start... Well.... what a delightful couple of days. Fookin' 'ell.

The Model... Yep, the same one I was with twice in the last month. The one with whom I have a rather powerful sexual connection. The one I've grumbled to you that we have nothing in common outside of sex; even though I don't actually know him. But we've both been so closed.The one who I've said is not affectionate, therefore I am not. He's distant, doesn't listen and is vague about well, detail. Of course I haven't said any of the above thoughts to him until last night the topic came up about his mind being easily distracted. I teased him and he took it well. 'It's not personal. it's how i am' he said. Fine. I was OK with that... this is only the third time of seeing him.

So you can tell already just by the fact that this conversation took place - there has been a shift in our communication, which was lovely. Last night was the most relaxed, most affectionate, probably the sexiest, most at ease time we've spent together. He somehow seemed more 'human.' He had more of a personality, and he was more comfortable with me and I with him... Anyway, c'mon! You don't really care about that , do ya, eh?!

You want sex, sex, sex, right? And so you shall get it, my friends. So...

I went to meet him and he opened the door and I was wearing heels, fishnet hold-ups and a black coat.

He'd suggested this, but I'd ignored his comment but of course had logged it... Afterall he's indulged me in a couple of small fantasies... I knocked on the door, had my coat open, and his face was that of complete excitement. He fookin' L.O.V.E.D.I.T !!!!

He breathed 'hi' as we began kissing,caressing...

Gosh, I'm not sure what it is, but literally every movement I feel. He's not at all hap hazard. He's gentle and, god, well, he totally gets into the moment. You see, as a rule, I kinda don't . Not until I feel utterly comfortable with someone- but with this guy, I seem to be intoxicated by something, and I'm straight into the moment.

I have a thing about breath. I like it., if I'm really into the person I'm with. I'm sure the chemicals that unite people sexually can be found in the breath as well as sweat. Most breath does nothing for me, or I don't ever want it near me - but this guy, well, there's just something there. Blimey O'Reilly.

Anyway, we had a gloriously erotic time, which was sensual, for the most part. He's commanding, physically and I bloody love that. And by that, i don't mean he roughs me up and orders me around - although he could if he wanted - just a little, mind.... he stays close to me. The contact is very close. Hmmm...

I need to be careful though. And I will be, In fact I am being. Potentially i could be in trouble with regards getting emotionally involved. And since this can't turn into anything more I need to keep myself in check.

Yikes... So, we went for dinner, which was lovely and the atmosphere between us was better than it has been before... then we went back for more saucy erotica. This time was, welll..... what can i say, you can tell I'm gushing about the whole evening, kinda thing... He's away now for 3 weeks, so at least that give time for me to get a grip - haha! not that I've lost my grip - but it allows time for me to do my thing and brush it to one side. I resent the idea of me thinking about a man and them not thinking about me. And even if i suspect that a guy is not thinking about me- then I don't like to think about them.

Yep, childish, I know. But that's how it is.