Sunday, 6 March 2011

it really is baloney, poo, shite, humbug, silly and nonsensical.

I cannot do my work. I am supposed to have shit-loads done for my agent for tmrw and I haven't done it, I've barely done anything and I don't think I can. I'm fucked.

Now, if I'd allowed myself to participate in a bit of something else this weekend instead of just staring at an effing lap top willing for a burst of creativity to happen, then that might have been more beneficial. Jesus H. I need to get my bloody act together. When will I learn that trying to bully myself into getting shit done does not a productive day make.

My God... I feel I've effectively wasted a whole weekend. Doing what, I'm not even sure. I mean, if I was kissing a boy that would be a worthy reason for barely getting anything done. But I cant even hold my hands up to that. This is ridiculous. Baloney, poo, shite, humbug, silly, non-nonsensical...

Well, it's not exactly non nonsensical - I do have a purpose for all this. And as Ive said time and again an empire doesn't build its self. Forgive me for stating the damn obvious. And neither it seems does it get built by staring at a lap top, faffing around on facebook, texting friends, fiddling with youtube, painting my nails, wearing facepacks, straightening my hair, plucking, waxing and scratching my bum.

I refused to go to my friends house for a girly night of food and gossip last night for this circus. Opting as usual to 'do some work' and getting not enough done.

Right, will try again now...