Saturday, 26 February 2011

We're gonna cause chaos tonight. Fact.

OK tonight it’s my friend’s Hen Night. Woohoo! Never done this before. I feel this is definitely the cherry on the top of my welcome to ‘normal life’ status. Jeez – things just get better all the time!

I'm really looking forward to celebrating with her and the other girls. They’ll be guzzling champagne no doubt served to us by near-naked buff men and I’ll be sipping slimline tonic with ice and if I’m feeling really cheeky – I’ll have a slice of lime with it.

So i soon gonna dye my hair Blue-Black --- then I’m straightening it and scraping it back and putting a really long straight hair piece in it to give me a high pony tail which will go half way down my back.

I’m putting fake tan all over. I’ll lather my body is Shalimar body lotion and I’m making my eyes really, really dark – loadsa eye make up and false lashes. Not too sure what to wear yet though... I’m thinking maybe black jodhpur style leggings, and a black semi-see through but casual t-shirt and black riding style boots and my sheep skin coat.My nails are bright pink.

London, you've been warned.