Friday, 4 February 2011

there are always more PET HATES...

Ahhhh, i'm feeling un-grumbly this morning and it just won't do. Not when i fancy writing a list of pet hates... These types of gripes i find amusing, i don't take them seriously at all which is a good thing since I spot them nearly everywhere i go.

Take this morning for an example.
Pet hate 1:

Women that absolutley adore themselves, but not in a 'mean-faced-bitchy' way, you know those ones.... No, the ones who are overly aware of the people around them, fliritng with everyone on a train - and most offensive behaviour - POUTING. Yes, we can all see you've had fillers in your lips and now you want to try and make us believe how 'naturally sexy' you are. But sweetheart, I ain't buying it. If you were so damned sure of yourself, you'd just mind your own business and get on with your day without being desperate to attract attention. And if you think i'm 'jealous'. I make no comment about that. Think what you like.

Ooo, my silence it seems has been broken....

Pet hate 2: This one is 2 fold.

Me:'Would you like a cup of coffee?'

Him: 'Yes please. White with one.'

Right. err.... 'One?' One, what? You're presuming I know you mean one sugar. Please don't presume anything. All I'm now thinking is that you think you sound cool by saying 'with one,' and missing out the word ' sugar', when actually you sound lazy and like a twat. Just say ' one sugar' if that's what you want, okay.

Now, the second part of this gripe:

I ask you if you want a cuppa and you don't even have the basic politeness to look at me when you answer. In this case, if you DO want a drink i may not have the basic manners to keep it in the cup when i hand it to you.

Pet hate 3, before i hand over to yous:

People that answer their own phone by saying, for example: 'Clare's phone.'

WTF! I know whose phone i'm ringing. It was me that made the decision to dial your number in the first place, remember! Declaring whose phone it is that I've just called is NOT a demonstration of you being organised or businesslike - it is simply confusing.

So, here we go -- you call me: Brr, brr... brr, brr....

Me: 'Hello, Clare's phone'

You: 'Oh, hello, is Clare there please?'

Me: 'Speaking'

You: 'Right, err, hi, err...'

It's bloody confusing innit..... You KNEW you were calling Clare's phone already. It was you who decided to call it. And based on the phone that you're ringing is very likely to be a mobile, you presumed that Clare would be answering the said phone anyway. So, why the hell is Clare telling you that you're calling her phone when you already know this???


What's wrong, with:

Me: ' hello'

You: 'Is that Clare?'

Me: 'Yeah' ... Then you're in business without a load of introducory confusion.

Cripes O'Reilly!