Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Caged Bird.

You can keep a bird in a cage, sometimes even let it fly around a room with the window open and it will stay.
It has got so used to you pushing it back into its prison that it waits passively until you see fit to stuff it away again.
One day, as usual, you let it out of its cage and it flies towards the open window and straight outside. It bolts up towards the blue sky, fresh air and light.

It doesn't look back at you. Why? It is no longer afraid of what is outside.It tried to be a good bird while you kept it enslaved.
She sang songs and talked robotically on demand.
She kept herself pruned and clean and pretty and did everything just so you'd like her, yet you still didn't show her the love you knew such a vibrant creature would need in order for her to want to stay with you.

Your faithful pet had been questioning your motives as her owner and wondering why you wished to keep her shackled by your rigid laws. One day, and for no clear reason why it should be on that particular day, she escapes.
The cool breeze immerses your once faithful bird's lungs, and she will smile to herself as a huge sense of elation consumes her when she realises that she is free.

Gosh, it's been a while since I last wrote. I'm shorry... been a busy scatty lost elf of later. Can feel the power coming back though. It's coming and coming and I'm ready to embrace it...I'm focused once again and I've been working hard on my future.

I've haven't felt as at peace with myself for quite some time as I have over the past week. Blue and I finished, and for once, I finished it.
I did because after nearly 18 months It's only NOW that I've waved the white flag and my tolerance for being treated 3rd rate has ended. I'm not feeling much about it. I'm just enjoying the lack of stress. He was so controlling in the end that he left me with literally no place to move except backwards, away from him and forwards towards myself.