Sunday, 21 November 2010

Real Time ... right here, right now ...

I'm sitting on a hotel balcony in the middle of Nairobi, alone. I've left B, my friend with whom I stayeed in Lamu. We waved, and hollered as a boat took me to another tiny island on the archapelego ( don't you just love that word? i knew you would!) where i got an internal flight, here, this afternoon. I have to stay in a hotel over night cos otherwise i wouldn't have managed to get a connection tmrw morning, back to London. Not sure that's such a bad thing...

I'm not sure if I should feel a tad odd. The hotel is clean and busy, but I cant help but feel it is something straight from a 1950s film which would have starred The Great Humphrey Bogart, had he done a 'straight-to video- film, had they had videos then, and had he ever bothereed to come to 'the dark continent'.

It's actually not too bad at all.

Opposite me there is a large sign, 'Lifestyle Lounge'. Fab. I wonder if they can help me out with my woes about returning to London? Thankfully it's closed, otherwise I could have been crying into my flat pillow, on my single bed tonight after they told me that there's no hope.

I'm fearful about England's afternoons of darkness, my solitary confinement, which I guess is pretty must self-imposed, due to lazytoeragitus, and I'm concerned about 'stuff'.

The 'stuff' that's bothering me is related to my ex-lover, ex-life partner, ex-- well, just my ex. But I won't go into any of that. I don't actually know what to say on the matter. Even if you offered me a tenner I wouldn't have anything to say... but if you upped the stakes to a tenner and a packet of British Marlboro Lites, (i'm sounding like i should be in Benidorm and not Kenya,, there sorry) then we could come to some sort of arrangement. I'd spill the beans with that offer... I'm sure I could think of a thing or 50 to say on the matter, then.

I have mixed feelings many of which I cannot decipher. And so, amigos i shall stay schtum.

Using my laptop outside in the warm breeze of Africa, while smoking dodgy foreign cigarettes and drinking a tonic water, is me living my dream. I came here to write. And I have written, as well as snoozed - oh, and I got me a tan. You'd be envious, I'm telling ya! You'd tolerate this hotel for one night in exchange for the hue my skin's got right now.

I'm sitting waiting for a flight which will take me on my next lap of life. No idea what will come - who ever does, though, eh? Good things I reckon. Even if they're bad, I'll get something good from it. I will. No, I will, really, I will..!!

However, you really should see my room. This is cheapsakes-R-US. And if the truth be told I may as well be sitting here waiting for the last train to Palookaville.