Thursday, 5 August 2010

This & That ...

Sares is here. My friend from Oop north is staying with me until Saturday. Yaay! Love it! I love having friends over and taking care of them. I like taking care of people - it seems to be a natural part of my personality; probably honed by the fact that there was just dad and I at home and I quickly learned how to nurture and care for another person.

With there just being two of us at home from an early age I did everything I could to please my dad. Asides from being trying to be helpful I wanted to do everything to make daddy happy so he wouldn't leave me. I only had him.

I've got the day off tomorrow so Sares and I are going to do some touristy London tings! Please God, don't let it rain - let the weather men be wrong.
We're gonna have a good old traipse about and maybe, just maybe we may indulge in a spot of shopping... Oh, and Sushi.

I'm feeling pretty good about things right now... balanced, chirpy and In Like.... with who? not sayin'! All I can say is I got nothing to complain about for today. I've booked a week off work in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to find a place to go abroad, alone, which isn't going to cost me the price of a small car.

So, as you may or may not know I was on Talk Radio Europe today. I think it went well... Listen to it if you can!

Ames, babes - you are missed! xx