Thursday, 10 June 2010

I'm getting a piece of the pie.

I tell you something – there’s some fucking odd things that seem to go on, on facebook. God knows what goes through people’s minds – mine being one of them. It certainly makes me realise how just because I swapped my gash for cash and took copious amounts of cocaine and drank enough vodka and wine to sink a small boat - I wasn’t that ‘out there,’ at all.

God love the human race and all who sail in her!

So, my loves, it’s all about sex for me at the moment. I'm sure you don’t need me to actually make that statement. You must know from my facebook statues and the way I am generally banging on about ‘frustrations’ that need releasing that something’s going off. I’ve banned celibacy in my life. It’s prohibited. Instead right now, It’s all about sexy time.
And you know something? I’m gonna get me a piece of the pie. With whom? Montana, that’s who. Who else would it be? He’s the last person I was with. I’m not exactly going to go out searching for someone to have sex with (not with my past) when there is a 6’5, perfectly proportioned and aesthetically thrilling yoof who I genuinely get on well with – in my phone book.
Actually he’s not that young. He’s 26 (just) but that’s enough younger than me to make that part of the excitement. And you know how these young ‘uns are, eh? Of course you do. So, the legendary Montana is on the menu over this weekend. Lucky meeee....

I know I sound as though I talk about him as though he doesn’t have a soul. I do this tongue in cheek. He’s a sweetheart as I’ve said before. So, you may wonder why we don’t see each other more often? I wonder that myself in a way, not that I spend time anylising it.I guess like this it keeps the boundaries in place. It keeps things more simple. He doesn't want anything with me and I don't want anything.
I'm just not in the right place. I'd just be a nightmare.

'If nothing changes, nothing changes'
- nothing's changed yet. Not with regards my insecurities when I'm in a relationship.

Tomorrow Mark, AKA Jim,( who is mentioned in Hooked) the person I have dedicated the book to is coming to London. Not to stay with me. He’s working down here and he’s staying in a swish hotel for the night. Lucky ba**ard! He has been commissioned to do some art works for this couple in Chelsea. They’re quite well known, so it’s good for him.
Can’t wait to see him. He’s so full of ideas, and he’s immensely passionate about people, life, everything. I adore, adore, adore him. He’s uniquely special to me and will always be in my life. We are bonded by a deep love and understanding of each other which no one will ever come between.

So, after work it’s dinner with Mark and rigourous conversation, then I’m on BBC London radio again on the Jo Good Show. 94.9. I’m really looking forward to it. Jo Good is one hellova charismatic woman and has instantly put me at ease the other two times that I’ve met her.

Hooked, I think is selling, altho it’s hard to tell. I dunno. The publishers don’t tell me much. I’ve figured that Waterstones seem to be selling least copies, so for youse that haven’t bought Hooked yet – if you venture into Waterstones in Piccadilly, or The Plaza shopping centre on Regent Street you can pick yourself up a signed copy. Please forgive the somewhat scruffy writing. But you will find something inside the book that I’ve put that that should make you smile.

Right. Cammomile tea now, then an early night. Preserving energy for the upcoming weekend - know what I mean!? Of course you do...